Consumer Advice Corner: Are You Overpaying For Transmission Repairs?

Posted by on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

An automatic transmission is an integral part of your car. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Find out if you’re overpaying for transmission repairs.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

There’s no part of an engine that is arguably more complex than a transmission. Transmissions are often considered the heart and soul of any vehicle. They are responsible for shifting gears, delivering power to the wheels, and achieving an ideal speed-torque ratio while the vehicle is in motion.

But just as with all components of a vehicle, transmissions do go bad. The important question is: are you paying too much for having them repaired? In the following sections, we’ll talk more about how much transmission repairs cost so that you can get a better idea of how much to pay.

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Five Tips to Improve Transmission Quality Today

Posted by on Thursday, November 27th, 2014

If you take care of your transmission, your car will last a long time. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

With a few basic tips, you can keep your transmission running strong for a long time.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons


If you have a car with an automatic transmission, you’ll want to keep that transmission running smoothly for as long as possible. Luckily, with some basic awareness and key practices, you can learn how to best drive and maintain your car to avoid transmission damage. With this in mind, here are five tips to improve transmission quality today:

1) Drive intelligently. First and foremost, when driving, you can help your cause greatly if you drive cautiously and avoid putting unnecessary wear on your vehicle. To do so, don’t floor your engine and take it easy while on the road. Furthermore, when you are at a stop light or sign, make sure you accelerate at a normal pace. While it’s not as fun, it can help you keep your transmission lasting a lot longer. Otherwise, you are going to have to replace it sooner, as you’ll put a lot of wear and tear on this vital car part.

2) Check the owner’s manual. If you have a car, you will need to know how to drive it and take care of it. For example, if you need to take your car in at certain intervals, you will want to know this ahead of time. Think about your car, and you will realize that you probably haven’t taken it in for an inspection in a long time. To avoid problems, you should check out the manual and make sure you don’t have to change the fluid or have anything inspected.

3) Avoid short trips. If you are going to drive your car, you should try to take it on longer trips. Simply put, if you go down the street to grab a bag of chips, you are putting a lot of wear and tear on the transmission. Instead, you should walk or ride a bike. Then you will use less fuel and put less wear on your transmission.

4) Listen to it. If you are a mechanic, you probably can understand when a car is acting up and causing problems. While true, if you are not a mechanical person, you can still listen for minor things and take the car in to check for issues. Yes, if you hear grinding noises or any noises that are not normal, you should take your car in and have it inspected by a professional.

5) Consider an overhaul or rebuild. If you are not getting the most out of your transmission and it’s causing problems, you should consider an overhaul or replacement. If you don’t, you may end up getting poor gas mileage, and you may damage other parts. At the same time, you can end up in a bad situation if your transmission fails while you are in the middle of nowhere. Either way, you must consider your options when you think about your car and its transmission.

If you have an automatic transmission in your car, you need to treat it with care. Otherwise, if you fail to do so, it’s not going to last a long time. But, if this is the case, you should consider getting a rebuild kit as you can fix the problem and get back on the road, all without spending a lot of money.

If you’re looking for a quality remanufactured transmission, then you won’t do better than ETE REMAN. That’s why we offer a three-year/unlimited mileage warranty on all our products. Browse our online catalog and contact us today.

Signs of Transmission Problems: Look Out for These In Your ’99 VW Cabrio Automatic

Posted by on Friday, November 21st, 2014

The 99 VW Cabrio has plenty of transmission problems. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

While the Volkswagen Cabrio is a great car, look out for these signs of transmission problems.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons


If you own a 1999 VW Cabrio, the chances are that no matter how well you took care of it, you’re starting to run into at least a few problems, especially with the transmission. There are a number of issues this particular automobile is known for, which, unfortunately, only get worse with time. While there isn’t much you can do about most of these issues, if you know these signs of transmission problems you’ll be prepared and ready to handle them when the pop up. Continue reading…

Instill Confidence In Your Customers By Selling Them A Re-manufactured Transmission

Posted by on Thursday, November 21st, 2013

If you own your own automotive repair business, you know it is necessary to build your customer base over time. It simple will not happen overnight. One of the best ways to build a solid customer base is to sell and install products that you truly believe in. This will instill confidence in your customers, leading them to spread the good word about your repair business.

Everyone knows a re-manufactured transmission is better than a rebuilt one

Image source:

When it comes to replacing your customer’s automatic transmission, it is a well known fact that a  re-manufactured transmission is a much better option than a rebuilt transmission. Many shops know this, but they don’t know exactly why it is better or how to let their customers know it is in their best interest to purchase a re-manufactured transmission over a rebuilt one. Let’s go into a little more detail on how you can explain this to your customer.

Friction material and seals:

  • Rebuilt transmission: A rebuilt transmission won’t include all new bands and clutches, along with new seals. They will usually only meet minimum specs and are not designed to last a long time.
  • Re-manufactured transmission: a re-manufactured transmission will only include top quality bands, clutches and seals. This is because a re-manufactured transmission comes with a much longer warranty than a rebuilt transmission, and the company that re-manufactures transmissions designs their transmissions to be as good, if not better, than a new transmission.

Hard parts:

  • Rebuilt transmission: A rebuilt transmission will not include new hard parts or machining of the worn parts. Companies that rebuild transmissions simply don’t have the expensive machinery required to machine hard parts. They will only replace hard parts that are completely worn out, and when they do they will only take used parts from another donor transmission.
  • Re-manufactured transmission: All hard parts in a re-manufactured transmission must meet strict guidelines and tolerances. If a worn part can’t be re-machined to a better condition, it will be replaced with a new part.

    Only companies that re-manufacture transmissions can afford expensive test dynos


Dyno testing

  • Rebuilt transmission: Most places that rebuild transmissions can’t afford a test dyno and therefore do not pre-test their transmissions before you invest your labor. If there is a problem after the installation is completed, the transmission must be removed at your cost and returned to the rebuilder.
  • Re-manufactured transmission: All re-manufactured transmissions are thoroughly tested on state-of-the-art computerized dynos that simulate real-world conditions. In the rare event that a problem arises, it can be fixed before it ships to your shop. You’re basically guaranteed that the transmission will work correctly if you install it properly.


  • Rebuilt transmission: On average a rebuilt transmission comes with a 90 day warranty. This allows the companies that rebuild transmissions to use lower quality, inexpensive parts because they know the transmission will be out of the warranty period by the time it fails.
  • Re-manufactured transmission: Re-manufactured transmissions, such as those built by ETE Reman come with a three year warranty. That’s 12 times longer than the average rebuild. Companies that re-manufacture transmissions feel comfortable offering a warranty of this length because they only use top quality parts and components and rely on the best transmission personnel in the industry to assembly their transmissions. In the rare event that a re-manufactured transmission fails, they will pay you, the repair shop, to R&R the defective transmission. They will also cover any shipping costs associated with getting the old transmission shipped back and a new replacement transmission shipped out to you.


  • Rebuilt transmission:  None
  • Re-manufactured transmission:  Re-manufactured transmissions include modifications designed to make your transmission stronger, more durable and last longer. Companies like ETE Reman have a hotline in the rare event you run into any issues with your transmission, or simple have a question before placing your order. They are always there to support you.

    ETE Reman makes the best re-manufacuted automative transmission available


You now are better equipped to teach your customer why investing in re-manufactured transmission over a rebuilt one is a good decision and in their best interest. They should feel confident in knowing they are getting the best possible product.

Sooner or later, due to high mileage or abuse, you will be faced with a decision to replace your customer’s transmission. I highly recommend doing so with a re-manufactured transmission over one that was simply rebuilt. A re-manufactured transmission comes with a much better warranty; three years compared to an average 90 days for a rebuilt transmission. In the rare event that you need to contact the company that re-manufactures transmissions, they are just a quick phone call or email away!

Great Transmission Upgrades To Sell To Your Customers

Posted by on Friday, March 29th, 2013

As a shop owner you know there is always money to be made selling upgrades. The most popular ones are wheel upgrades, motor upgrades and suspension upgrades. But did you know you can also sell them transmission upgrades? Let’s take a look at some of the possible upgrades available, broken down by performance and towing, and between automatic and manual transmissions.

Good money can be made selling transmission upgrades


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A Couple Of Good Reasons To Visit A Shop That Specializes In Transmissions

Posted by on Thursday, March 28th, 2013

All cars and trucks eventually break down. Nothing is designed to last forever and automobiles are no exception.  Some of us fix our own cars while others take them to a shop to have them fixed.  Where we take them varies widely.  Some feel the most comfortable taking them to the local dealership, while others tend to prefer taking them to their corner garage.

There are many good reasons to bring your vehicle to a shop that specializes in transmission service


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Two Important Tips for Clutch Discs

Posted by on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

If you’re familiar with clutch replacement jobs, you know that most of the time you simply replace a worn out clutch disc with a new one and down the road you go! But today, I would like to discuss with a couple important factors about clutch discs that you should keep in mind.


Different types of clutch discs


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Top Tips for Using a Car Show to Promote Your Repair Business

Posted by on Friday, January 25th, 2013

Although our blog is typically about the transmission side of the business, this advice can be used by any repair shop. In today’s market it takes a lot to have your business stand out from the rest of the repair shops in your area. You need to really think outside of the box when it comes to promoting your services. That’s why I recommend you host a car show at your place of business.

Hosting a car show to market your repair business



Here are some pointers and tips to help you out:

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Automatic Transmission Replacement: Tools Of The Trade That Make The Job Easier

Posted by on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Sooner or later the time will come (if it hasn’t already) when you have to replace a transmission in your customer’s vehicle.  Your time is money. Having the proper tools in place will make the job quicker (more money for you!) and safer. Having the right tools for the job is important no matter what type of work you are doing. A surgeon needs his scalpel, an IT expert needs his applications, and you also need tools that were designed to make the job easier (presuming you have the basics at hand).

car lift for transmission swap


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Warning: If You Own a Transmission Repair Shop Your Business Will Explode

Posted by on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Good parts are hard to come by these days. A lot of auto parts are manufactured in countries that are hostile towards America, and the ones that aren’t hostile, still use cheap materials that tend to break. When you get a customer in your shop chewing off your ear about transmission woes, you need to prescribe something that will give them peace of mind. What you want is a transmission that is built right here at home in America that will far exceed your expectations.

Reman transmission

ete warehouse- Image courtesy of

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