4R75E Transmission Upgrades To Keep You And Your Vehicle Happy

Posted by on Thursday, December 6th, 2012

The Ford 4R75E is the fourth generation of the original AOD transmission. The previous version was the 4R70W. The 4R75E is a 4 speed automatic transmission that was introduced in 2003 and phased out of production at the end of the 2008 model year. During that time it was used in the F-series trucks, E-series vans, the Marauder, the Police Interceptor, the Victoria, the Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car and the Expedition.

The upgrades to the 4R75E over the 4R70W include a tougher ring gear with more lugs, a new torque converter, a VSS and a new front pump for better performance.

Ploice Interceptor with 4R75E Transmission


If you want to upgrade your 4R75E here are a couple suggestions for you:

1) Put a larger, deeper pan on it. You can buy either a steel or aluminum pan. Go for the aluminum pan. The aluminum pan helps strengthen the transmission case and the properties of aluminum help dissipate heat better than steel. I also recommend that you buy a pan that has cooling fins on the bottom for additional cooling. Make sure that the pan you purchase comes with a filter extension. Without the filter extension you run the risk of sucking air into the pump which can have devastating consequences.

4R75E deep pan


2) Switch to an approved synthetic fluid. Do your homework and be sure to use a fluid that meets all the organic fluid specs. Failure to install the correct synthetic fluid can damage your transmission.

3) Install an aftermarket cooler. I can’t stress how important it is to keep your transmission cool. Just a 20 degree temperature rise over 200 degrees can cut the life of the transmission in half! Get the biggest cooler you can afford. I would even go as far as to recommend buying a cooler that has its own fan.

cooler with fan for 4R75E Transmission


4) Install a transmission temperate gauge. Without one how are you going to know if your transmission is running hot? Aftermarket gauges are available directly from Ford and from companies such as Autometer.

5) Upgrade the torque converter. I recommend this for vehicles that tow or ones used in a performance application. The stock converter stalls around 1500 rpms. A converter designed for towing will increase the stall to 1800 rpms. Your motor will be making more torque at 1800 rpms which will help when moving from a dead stop.

6) Purchase a tuner. Yes, most people purchase a tuner for the engine, but those same tuners can  be used to change the settings on your transmission. Everything from line pressure to when the shifts occur can be modified. You can even firm up the shifts with a tuner. Think of it as an electronic shift kit.

tuner for 4R75E transmission


These parts can be purchased at any parts store, speed shop, or transmission shop. If you’re one of the unlucky one who has experience a full transmission failure, consider replacing it with a re-manufactured unit. They can even add the accessories above at your request. You and your vehicles will both be happier with any or all of these suggestions!

re-manufactured transmission will include major alterations and upgrades designed to make them both stronger and more durable. A re-manufactured transmission will also include a much better warranty; three years compared to an average 90 days for a rebuilt transmission. As a bonus, in the rare event that a re-manufactured transmission fails within the warranty period, they will cover your R&R cost to replace your customer’s transmission. And remember, the companies that re-manufacture transmissions are very easy contact. They are just a quick phone call or email away from helping you out.

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