Great Performance Accessories For Your Ford TR-3650

Posted by on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

The TR-3650 is a five speed manual transmission made by TREMEC for Ford. It was first put into production in 2001 and remained so through the 2010 model year. It was used exclusively in the Mustang and Falcon (Australia), including the GT, Cobra, Mach 1 and Bullitt special edition models. All these are high performance versions of the Mustang and as such are often subject to abuse from their owners.  Let’s take a look at some great performance accessories for the TR-3650.

This is the TR-3650 transmission


Performance shifter: When the factory develops a manual shifter, they try to design one that will appeal to the broadest cross section of customers. This often means that the shifter is designed to be quiet, vibration free and feel comfortable to the driver. Those features often clash with a full performance shifter which will usually have solid bushing instead of rubber bushing and a much shorter throw between gears than the stock shifter. The tradeoff is well worth it to those who are performance oriented.

Dual disk clutch: The amount of power a clutch can transmit is limited by the material the clutch is made of, the diameter of the clutch and the pressure applied by the pressure plate. The diameter is limited by the size of the bell housing and too aggressive of a clutch material will make the clutch “grab”. Too much pressure on the pressure plate will make it nearly impossible to move the clutch pedal. So what do you do? You get yourself a dual disk clutch. By using two disks with a steel floater in between them, you are basically doubling the surface area of the clutch and you should have roughly twice the holding power when compared to a single disk unit.

A dual disk clutch system is a good investment


Invest in a blow proof bell housing: Although technical not a performance part, I still highly recommend this accessory as a safety item. On occasion, a clutch disk or the flywheel can come apart at high rpms, smashing through the factory aluminum bell housing and entering the passenger compartment.  Blow proof bell housings are made from a special blend of steel and work well in containing a clutch explosion.

Urethane transmission mount: The factory transmission mount is made of soft rubber. That allows the transmission to move slightly, and although great for reducing vibration, does nothing for performance. A urethane transmission mount will allow a smoother transfer of power from the transmission to the frame of the car.

The TR-3650 can be found in the Ford Mustang


If for some reason you need to replace the TR-3650 in your Mustang, I strongly recommend you do so with a re-manufactured transmission over a used one. After all, you have no idea what condition the internal component of a used transmission might be in. A re-manufactured transmission is basically like a new transmission, with all internal parts re-machined to new specs. A re-manufactured transmission also comes with a three year warranty. You won’t get that with a used transmission.  And in the rare event that you need help with your re-manufactured transmission, they are just a quick call or email away from helping you!

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  1. I think this transmission also comes in the Ford Falcon (aussie car)

    I haven’t had a problem yet.

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