Warning Signs: Why The Steering Wheel on the 2001 F150 Shakes When You Hit the Brakes

Posted by on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

The F150 is a very popular pickup truck made by the Ford Motor Company. For many years, it was the best-selling vehicle in America, even outselling cars such as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima. What makes this truck so popular is that it’s available in almost a countless number of configurations. There are three cab configurations available; regular cab, extended cab and crew cab. You can choose from two different bed lengths; short bed and long bed.

It can be ordered with a bare bones plastic interior all the way up to a luxury interior that would rival a Cadillac. Don’t forget about the optional four-wheel drive system, too.  Now add in the fact that you can take your wife out on the town one night, use it the next day to haul hay around your farm and the following day use it to take five kids to football practice. The F150 is comfortable both in 2 feet of snow as it is going down the freeway at 70 mph on a sunny summer day.  All these fact add up to make this one of the most popular vehicles on the market today.

Be sure to keep the brake on your F10 in top shape

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It’s not hard racking up a lot of miles on your F150 pickup truck. After all they are a blast to drive! But with higher mileage come more issues and problems. Does the steering wheel in your high mileage F150 shake when you hit the brakes? It’s not an uncommon problem.  The shaking is usually caused by warped brake rotors. Bad driving habits, like riding the brakes or make a bunch of emergency stops in a row will cause the brake rotors to get very hot.

The brake rotors are made of cast iron, and are relatively thin, and this heat will cause the brakes rotors to warp. Once you hit the brakes, the brake pads will make “on again, off again” contact with the rotors, and cause the suspension system and the steering wheel to shake. This is a dangerous condition that should be address ASAP. Warped rotors cause the vehicle to take longer to stop, and may end cause an accident.

Fixing this issue is relatively easy and affordable.  You have two options: replace the rotors with brand new rotors or have your local repair shop turn the rotors for you. Turning the rotors involves putting them on a brake lathe and using a carbide tool to take off a little metal on both sides of the rotors, and in the process turning them back up. This option may not be available if the rotors are too warped. Also keep in mind that rotors can usually only be turned once or twice. This is a minimum thickness that all rotors must adhere to. Turning the rotors too thin may cause them to brake or explode under heavy braking.

Shaking steering wheels are nothing to mess with or dismiss. If you want your F150 to have along and safe life, you cna’t let little telltale signs of wear and tear go unchecked.


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