The Toyota U140E Automatic Trans: Only One Option to Consider When it Stops Working.

Posted by on Saturday, September 29th, 2012

The Toyota and Lexus warranties for the earlier part of the last decade have started to wind down. With these warranties ending, cars with higher mileage are going to start having major problems. One of the first major issues that these cars will have is connected to the U140E automatic transmission.


Toyota Camry

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These transmissions were found in various Toyota and Lexus vehicles such as the Camry, Highlander and Lexus ES300. In addition to the usual transmission problems, such as slipping or leakage, there are very specific issues that some of the U140E transmissions have. One such issue, after any given amount of mileage on the vehicle, is loss of driving capabilities. For example, the transmission may not go into reverse, so you could be stuck going forward only. Or, it could be the other way around. Either way spells trouble for the driver.

U140E automatic trans

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The best thing to do in this type of situation is to install a freshly remanufactured transmission in your vehicle. This is going to be your best option for several reasons:

  1. All of the parts are new, unlike a rebuilt transmission where only what is broken gets replaced. And there’s nothing really to worry about after it’s been installed. With all new internals, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your transmission won’t be breaking anytime soon.
  2. Your vehicle still has a good amount of value to it at this point because vehicles with a U140E transmission are not that old. Plus, Toyota and Lexus vehicles usually hold their value well, making it well worth it to install a remanufactured transmission when the time comes.
  3. The warranty for a remanufactured U140E is excellent. There isn’t a better warranty out there. A used automatic transmission usually doesn’t even have a warranty, leaving you with no guarantee of what you’re getting, and a rebuilt one has only had certain parts replaced.
  4. The cost of a new car is far more expensive than having a remanufactured transmission installed. Sure, you could buy a cheap used car, but it will likely have the same type of issues that caused you to buy a new one in the first place.

Sooner or later due to high mileage or abuse, you will be faced with a decision to replace your transmission. I highly recommend you replace it with a re-manufactured transmission over one that was simply rebuilt. A re-manufactured transmission will include major modifications and upgrades designed to make it both more durable and stronger. A rebuilt transmission will not. A re-manufactured transmission also comes with a much better warranty: three years compared to an average 90 days for a rebuilt unit. Let’s not forget to mention that after-sales customer service is top notch for companies that re-manufacture transmissions. They are a quick call or email away in the rare event you may need to contact them.

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