Avoiding Common Problems with the Toyota A750F Automatic Transmission

Posted by on Friday, November 23rd, 2012

The A750F is a 5 speed automatic transmission made for Toyota four wheel drive vehicles. It made its debut in the 2003 4Runner, Land Cruiser, GX 470 and LX 470. These are heavy vehicles and as such are often subject to abuse, such as towing over the manufacturers towing limit. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems associated with this transmission.

Toyota 4runner with A750F Transmission


As is the case with many other makes and models of automatic transmissions, lack of timely scheduled oil changes is a big cause of failure. I recommend that the fluid be changed at least every 25,000 miles, or every 20,000 miles if you tow with your vehicle. If your Toyota transmission has a dipstick, use the Toyota T-IV fluid. If your transmission is sealed and does not have a dipstick, use the Toyota WS fluid. Don’t forget to change the transmission filter with every fluid change.

A750F Automatic Transmission


Overheating the A750F is another reason for premature failure.  Ideally you don’t want the maximum transmission temperature to get over 200 degrees. Just a raise of 20 degree with cut the life expectancy of the transmission in half. Some A750F transmissions come with a separate cooler for the transmission, but not all. If you tow with your vehicle and it is not equipped with a separate cooler, I highly recommend you invest in one as soon as possible. They are available from a number of companies such as Long Coolers, TCI and B&M. Some A750F transmissions are also equipped with a transmission heater for extreme cold use. In most parts of the country I would not be too concerned with the transmission getting too cold.

A750F Automatic Transmission


Inconsistent and sometimes abrupt transmission shifts are another problem that many A750F transmission owners experience.  There are a few reasons this may occur: 1) The fluid level is too low. 2) There are problems with the vehicles computer or the electronic solenoids they control. 3) The bands are out of adjustment or the clutch disks are wearing out.

Toyota with A750F Transmission

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The best advice I can give you to avoid the above problems is to change your fluid and filter on regularly schedule intervals. Also be very aware of the transmission temperature, especially when towing. If your vehicle doesn’t have a transmission temperature gauge, go out and get one. Follow these tips and get the full life expectancy from your Toyota transmission!

 I highly recommend you replace your customer’s transmission with a re-manufactured transmission. A remanufactured unit will include major alterations and upgrades designed to make them both stronger and more durable. A re-manufactured transmission will also include a much better warranty; three years compared to an average 90 days for a rebuilt transmission. As a bonus, in the rare event that a re-manufactured transmission fails within the warranty period, they will cover your R&R cost to replace your customer’s transmission. And remember, the companies that re-manufacture transmissions are very easy to contact. They are just a quick phone call or email away from helping you out.

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