New Isn’t Necessarily Better: Re-manufactured Vs. Rebuilt or New Transmissions

Posted by on Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Everyone that has ever had to replace a transmission knows that they can get their transmission rebuilt. But how many of you know about re-manufactured transmissions? Do you know how they differ from a rebuilt transmission? Do you know what makes a re-manufactured transmission better than a rebuilt one? Even better than a new one in many cases? I didn’t think so.

preparing to replace a worn out transmission with a re-manufactured one


Let’s look at what is done to a re-manufacture transmission. We’ll show you the reasons why re-manufactured transmissions beat out rebuilt or even new transmissions.

Gaskets: All three transmissions (rebuilt, new, re-manufactured) come with new gaskets. The only difference here is that the gaskets used on a rebuilt transmission are of the highest quality, mainly because most re-manufactured transmissions come with a much longer warranty and therefore need to last a lot longer.

Friction material: Again, all three transmissions come with new friction material. The difference is that the new and rebuilt transmission usually only include OEM spec friction material. Re-manufactured transmissions usually use top of the line friction material, especially in transmissions that are prone to early friction material failures.

Seals: Once again, not a lot of difference between the transmissions here. Like the two items above, the re-manufactured transmission will usually use only the highest quality seals. The other two usually use something just good enough to get the transmission beyond the warranty period.

re-manufactured transmission parts being tested


Hard parts: OK, this is where things get different. We know the new transmission is going to have brand new parts that meet the original specifications. The re-manufactured transmission is going to take things one step further and improve on any marginal parts the factory might have put into the transmission.  Stronger, bigger, better. This is one of the main reasons a re-manufactured transmission is better than a new transmission. Most rebuilt transmissions do not include new hard parts, and if they do, you are charged extra for them.

Upgrades: Again, there is a big separation here between the three transmissions. Rebuilt transmissions do not include any upgrades unless you specifically request them. New transmissions are the baseline for the comparison, so anything done to them cannot be considered an upgrade.  Re-manufactured transmissions will include just about every upgrade possible to make the transmission more durable and increase its overall life span. This includes valve body modifications, oil and lubrication modifications, additional oiling holes and much more. If a transmission has a common, well know weak point, a re-manufactured transmission will be upgraded or modified to solve and prevent the issues.

inside a re-manufactured transmission

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Warranty: A rebuilt transmission usually has a 90 day warranty. New transmissions come with a 1 year warranty, on average.  A re-manufactured transmission will usually come with a three year warranty.  Makers of re-manufactured transmissions are so confident in their workmanship and use of quality parts that they can offer a warranty that blows the other two out of the water!

You now know the facts. Why on earth would you replace your transmission with anything but a re-manufactured transmission?

A transmission will not last forever, regardless of how well you take care of it. If a decision has to be made to replace the transmission, I highly recommend you consider a re-manufactured transmission as your first choice. They differ from a rebuilt transmission in the fact that they are as good as a new transmission at a greatly reduced price and often include modifications and upgrades that make them much more durable. A re-manufactured transmission also comes with a much better warranty: three years compared to 90 days for a rebuilt transmission.

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