Lower The Quarter Miles Times In Your 4L60E Equipped Z28 Camaro

Posted by on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

The 4L60E is a modern four-speed automatic transmission built and designed by the General Motor Corporation. It comes from a a family of transmissions that include the 4L60, 4L60E and 4L65E. All these transmissions are heavily based on a modified version of GM’s first automatic overdrive transmission, the 700R4, which itself is based on the much earlier TH350 three speed transmission. Th 4L60E first saw production in 1993 (in the GMC Vandura and GMC Jimmy) and was eventually taken out of use at the end of the 2008 model year (last used in the Chevrolet Avalanche). The 4L60E is equipped with a perfect first gear ratio of 3.059:1 and a very sweet over drive ratio of 0.7:1 (30% over driven).  The result is good off-the-line performance combined with better gas mileage. The 4L60E automatic transmission could be found in almost every GM car of the time period, including the Sonoma, the Holden Caprice, the Pontiac GTO, the Chevrolet Impala SS, the Chevy Corvette and the GMC Safari van. It could also be found in the Z28 Camaro.

The Z28 Camaro came wit the 4L60E transmission


The Camaro was first introduced to the public in 1967 as GM’s response to the very popular Ford Mustang. It was an instant hit. But by the time GM released the Camaro, the Mustang was already available in a number of high performance trim packages, including the Mustang GT.  Chevrolet responded with the Z28 package. This top of the line package included a high revving, more powerful small block engine, disk brakes, special interior trim, a performance rear axle ratio, and special body panels. As the Camaro aged, it went through a number of generational design changes. The 4L60E was introduced to the Camaro Z28 in the fourth generation of the model. These cars were quick, being outfitted with the popular LT1 engine. Right off the show room floor they were capable of low 14-second quarter mile times.

Make it faster

Over the years, as these cars aged and flooded the used car market, they became extremely affordable. Its not uncommon to find one for sale today under $4000. This makes them perfect weekend racers. As is the case with any enthusiast looking to spend their weekend at the drag races, they are always looking to go quicker. While some owner take drastic steps, like installing superchargers, turbos and bigger engines, little things can be done to make the car quicker. Look no further than the 4L60E. Here are a couple modifications you can make that will guarantee you a quicker quarter mile time slip.

Install a shift improver kit. Most kits come with three levels of adjustability; towing, street and strip.  I’m gong to presume that most of these cars are dual purpose street/strip vehicles. Therefore, I recommend sticking to the Street modifications. The full strip modification will make for a very uncomfortable street car, although they will be fantastic on the strip. By increasing the transmissions line pressure, along with changing some springs and check balls in the valve body, you will reduce the time it takes for the bands and clutched to fully apply. The higher line pressure will also provide more gripping power to the clutch packs, which aids in preventing them from slipping. As a bonus, your transmission will shift harder, and giver you those tire chirping 1-2 shifts we all love.

Install a performance torque converter. A torque converter upgrade will allow you to leave the starting line at a slightly higher rpm. This mean the motor will be making more power at takeoff, with less of a chance that it will bog down. I don’t recommend choosing a torque converter with a stall speed above 2400 rpms. Going over this limit will destroy your gas mileage, not to mention that it will generate a lot of excessive transmission destroying heat.

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