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time management

Take the Road Less Congested

It’s Thursday morning, and I’m running late for work. I scramble for my shoes, grab a banana for breakfast – don’t forget to feed the cat, oh, and remember to lock that door behind you! – I jump in my car and take off. So far so good: all the lights are green, nothing seems to be […]

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How to Boy Scout Your Way Through Your Day

Ever leave work and then have to return moments later after reaching your car and discovering you have no keys? Or arrive at the gym without shorts (or sports bra)? What about a quick trip to the grocery store where you failed to bring a wallet? How about a camping trip with no spatula? Or […]

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How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

“So, what do you do at ETE?” These past few weeks, we’ve been in the midst of “trade show season” so this question has been pretty common. And I could answer in a number of ways, depending on the show or the person asking. But whatever I say usually involves, “Well, I wear a lot […]

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When No Means Yes

Working for Captain Reman, it’s hard not to be a student. Like many of my coworkers, I often find myself getting hooked on a particular social media blog, new book, or TED talk series. Recently, a really good read from productivity expert Neen James popped into my inbox and I haven’t been able to get […]

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I Hate Email.

Embed from Getty Images OK, truth be told, I don’t hate email. I do, however, hate that I allow email to distract me. I hate that many people do not know how to use email appropriately. I hate that I can never seem to get to the bottom of my inbox. I hate that people […]

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