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Celebrating Success: How Acknowledgment Fuels Progress at ETE

January 15, 2024 By Nick Moroder Leave a comment

Recently, our quality team noticed a significant improvement in the cleanliness of the parts being processed. This change was enough to reduce the need for re-washing, streamlining our operations substantially. Recognizing the importance of this achievement, I took the opportunity to commend the teardown team for their excellent performance.

In conversation, the team revealed that the improvement was due to enhanced maintenance schedules for the washers. These aren’t new machines but have been functioning more effectively thanks to the efforts of our maintenance team. This was a perfect moment to extend our appreciation to them as well, highlighting how their contributions have positively impacted our workflow.

Celebrating these successes had a noticeable ripple effect. It not only boosted the morale of both the teardown and maintenance teams but also emphasized the value of good maintenance practices. This acknowledgment reinforced the importance of every role in our process and encouraged everyone to maintain high standards in their work.

At ETE, we strive to integrate the value of celebrating success into our daily operations. Through regular team meetings, “Core Value Stories”, and special events, we ensure that each achievement, no matter how small, is recognized. This practice not only celebrates individual and team successes but also underscores their contribution to our collective goals.

Celebrating success is fundamental to creating a positive and efficient work environment. By acknowledging the improved maintenance schedules and the resulting operational efficiency, we reinforce the importance of every contribution at ETE. This practice not only acknowledges achievements but also inspires our team to continue striving for excellence, ensuring quality and efficiency in all aspects of our work.


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