Choices, Chances and Changes

March 1, 2022 By The Siren Of Support

If Dorothy and Toto would have followed the red brick road instead of the yellow, would they have made it to the Emerald City? What if Dorothy and Scarecrow veered to the left instead of taking the path on the right side of the big screen? Would there even have been a story if Toto wouldn’t have bitten mean old Mrs. Gulch?  Our every action, reaction and choice determines where we end up. No, instead of yes. Up, instead of down. Staying put, instead of taking action. Our today is made up of all the seemingly small decisions that we have made along the journey from then until now. That timeline may be a lifetime, it may be the span of a phone call, but the choices that we make when they are  presented have a lasting effect.

Consider it a snowball effect.You told the customer no and now they are no longer your customer. You pass up a promotion and it goes to someone less competent, but more confident than you. Not only do you regret it, but the whole company suffers. Maybe instead you took a chance, you jumped instead of standing on the ledge. You took a chance and plunged into something new that fulfilled you and made you happy and whole. You leapt and you took on new and different and scary responsibilities and you absolutely nailed it. All of these choices are made in a moment or two. You sometimes have seconds to decide between right and wrong, good and bad, stop or go. 

I received a call yesterday, much like everyday, concerning a customer concession. I got the scoop, took two seconds and said “cover it”. It was a gut decision but I felt as if it was the right thing to do. It’s not life or death. I could have said let me review all the notes and get back to you. But I felt it. I felt like the answer was yes. I made the right choice for the right reason. I took the Yellow Brick Road. I didn’t skip and I didn’t sing, but it felt right and so yes was the chosen path. 

How do you know when the choices you are making or the paths you are following are leading towards shiny emeralds and horses of a different color rather than terrifying flying monkeys and a field full of coma inducing poppies? 


  1. How does it feel?: I’ve said this before, likely more than once. If it feels good, do it. But I’m going to change it up. Sometimes doing the thing that needs to be done feels terrible. Sometimes it goes against everything you believe in and everything you stand for. The customer was a jerk. They belittled you and they bullied you. But the delay is long, their customer is peeved. They are taking out their frustration on you. Regardless of how they make you feel, doing the right thing at the right time will always trump your right now feelings. You will move on from the interaction but you leave your customer happy and their customer satisfied. Unpaved roads may be bumpy at times, buckle up and hit the gas if you are steadfast in your resolution. 
  2. Consequences 101: Your choice will cause ripples. Be prepared to throw a few apples or dump a bucket of water on the adversary to defend your position. Weigh your options before you act. Some decisions can’t be taken back. Are you willing to lose a customer over a twenty dollar concession? Are you going to let your fear of the unknown hold you down and keep you from excelling and moving up? Can we save a sale and a relationship because we went above and beyond the terms in a warranty situation?  Use a reward/risk chart if you must, just make sure you can justify your decisions as they will be yours to own. It’s not Siri’s fault if you took the fork in the road marked “Danger” when she was clearly telling you to turn right now.  
  3. Pump the brakes or take a detour: It’s easy to get tunnel vision and focus only on the destination. Slow down and take a look around, enjoy the scenery, but also reflect on yourself and what factors are playing into your action . One small change can affect the outcome. While the end result is the goal, make time to take note of steps you are taking. This will provide a learning opportunity and room for growth. What will you do differently or better next time? Was there a smoother avenue you could have taken? 

It’s possible they would have made it to the wizard by taking the other path, we will never know. What we do is that if you face your challenges head on, fill your tribe with like minded friends, and adapt to changes with brains and heart, you will awaken stronger and smarter. No matter which path your journey began with.