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"While enjoying my gourmet treats, which were thoughtfully mailed, I am reminded of how uniquely awesome this company truly is. From the time you dial their number to the time you have to hang up, you KNOW you are going to have 'second to none' experience. Each associate has an abundant amount of helpful information paired with a fun and professional style. Nothing but worthy praise for proving that you can get paid to have fun!"
Rachel Lynch - Customer
"We've been partnering with ETE for several years. Very reliable and dependable products. They make everything easy for shop owners."
Tom Costello - Customer
"Great product and great folks to deal with. Keep up the good work!"
TJ Cook - Customer
"We installed an ETE unit in a Jeep for one of our best customers. The unit had a leak from what appeared to be the front pump and ETE was great about shipping out a new unit to replace it with. Customer service was fantastic."
CMD Automotive - Customer