Above and Beyond Warranty Claims

The best warranty in the business

  • 3 Years / Unlimited Mileage for Passenger Vehicles and Light Trucks
  • Superior Technical Support
  • Immediate Replacements
  • Paid Labor
  • No Hassle Claims
  • Coast-to-Coast Nationwide Coverage

no hassle warranty - we mean it

You may be asking yourself, How can ETE REMAN offer such an outstanding warranty? At ETE REMAN, our dedication to quality control and superior engineering creates absolutely the best remanufactured transmissions anywhere. Thus, warranty claims are rare. Do we occasionally get a warranty claim request? Yes, and what happens next may shock you... we honor our warranty terms! No hassle warranty. Really.
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Warranty Questions?

Want the nitty gritty warranty details? Have questions about our hassle-free warranty? We'd love to hear from you. Contact our Customer Loyalty Team at 800-934-9479 or fill out the form below and we will gladly answer your warranty questions.