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When Home is Work and Work is Home
September 23, 2020

With the business world moving from office to home, more people are now trying to figure out how to balance work life from home life while being in the same place.When I first heard that we were moving to an all remote workforce due to the pandemic, I was ecstatic: no more waking up early...

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You Can't Always Get What You Want
September 17, 2020

You can’t always get what you want. I learned this life lesson as a child, partly from my parents and partly from The Rolling Stones. It holds true today, especially as we venture through this crazy year. I want to go to Disney. I want to see my friends and my family. I want to high-five...

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What's Your Pumpkin Spice Latte?
September 10, 2020

Fall is making herself known already this year. Parents around the country are doing some version of back to school, here in Milwaukee it’s sweatshirt weather, and on a walk with my son, he picked up the first red leaf – and to cap it all off, my husband, at the end of this same...

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This Must Be the Mise En Place
September 02, 2020

I’ve moved recently from a two-bedroom apartment to a large open loft and to say that the place is a mess is a bit of an understatement. My partner and I emptied all the cardboard boxes, and we decided the mantra for the house the next couple of weeks is “Make it work.” All that...

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