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Better and Faster, Better and Faster
September 12, 2019

Today's story comes from a trip to the grocery store, the one with the parrot if that helps you connect to the tale.  Immediately I had a favorable impression of the checkout clerk, Aiden.  He had great posture, a smile on his face, and an energy about his work.  Our, "How are you this evening?"...

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Why Do We Still Call it a Product Review?
September 03, 2019

I'll come right out and state that this week's RemanU may have less insights than what you have come to exapect and little to no call to action.  Regardless, I'd like to share my experience summary on a recent purchase... It was time to give mom back the push mower I borrowed 8 years ago (don’t worry she has...

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The Aggressive Sale Doesn’t Sell
August 08, 2019

Cold calling, and the younger, less effectual brother to it – cold emailing, are undoubtedly a part of selling and building a customer portfolio. They can’t all stop. But what needs to, and needs to maybe twelve emails ago, are the many, many, many phone calls (and subsequent voicemails) and the dozens of “follow-up” emails...

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Less Than Your Best
July 25, 2019

Recently I picked up a great line from one of our customers.  At the resolution phase of a warranty repair, he told me, "Ben, ain't no such thing as perfect parts or perfect people."  This stuck with me and I've even parroted it a few times since.  I understand this phrase’s meaning to be: we...

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