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Do What You Say and Say What You Do
May 24, 2022

Tom is dead. I killed Tom. It was not intentional, it was more of a potentially avoidable accident.  No, the police aren’t looking for me. There is not a manhunt underway. Tom is my son’s Tamagotchi. Last week I was tasked with pet-sitting the overly needy electronic pet. I promised to feed it, clean up...

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Fight Like A Girl
February 15, 2022

“Welcome to Parts R’ Us, what are you working on today”. The company name may be made up but I said those exact words as customers walked through the store's door. Every day. All day. For a lot of days. Usually everything went smoothly. I sold spark plugs and starters, brake pads and batteries. I...

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Rekindle the Spark
February 07, 2022

When did the excitement and adventure fade? When did it become ok to be satisfied with being on the giving or receiving end of the bare minimum? What happened to a sense of fulfillment and joy and pure passion. Why are there no more long walks on the beach? How did we lose the spark,...

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Time-Outs For Grown Ups
January 26, 2022

I don't normally take a day off, but when I do I’m usually skipping down Main Street U.S.A. or stumbling along Las Vegas Blvd. However, due to the current affairs of the world, vacations for me have been sparse. My head feels bare without my mouse ears, and my taste buds long for a pineapple...

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