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Do It NOW!
March 09, 2023

The moment a child finds balance on their own two feet the dauntlessness to transform those first stumbling steps into a full blown sprint begins. They are always in a rush. Everything is a crucial matter. Getting from point A to point B is a goal that can’t be accomplished fast enough. Shoveling snacks down...

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Be The Bear
February 28, 2023

Welcome to the 600th edition of Reman U. While the management, writing, editing, and publishing responsibilities have changed hands over the years, the weekly distribution has remained consistent. The voices of the authors may differ, but the messaging is steady. We speak of greatness. Give advice on how to be amazing leaders. Provide tips and...

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The Secret Language of (Business) Relationships
February 15, 2023

It’s Valentine's week. A week of red and pink, chocolates, cards, and hopefully some good wine. Whether this time is seen as nothing more than a commercialized ploy to increase candy and flower sales, or a true moment in time to value those we find near and dear, it’s the perfect time to think about...

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Take a Chance, Make a Change
February 06, 2023

Change is scary. Change is hard. It can be voluntary or forced upon you. It can be expected or unanticipated.  Change is necessary. Change is a requirement for growth. It is the only way we innovate. The only way we develop. The only way we become better.  Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Last week we...

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