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Don't Get Burned: Documentation As Protection
June 11, 2024

It’s the time of year in the midwest that we emerge from our winter hibernation at the first glimpse of warm sunshine. The air no longer hurts to breathe, the breeze doesn't feel like knives in your skin, and the chance of a debilitating snowstorm is slim.  We are pale and vitamin D deficient. We...

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Sealing the Deal: Quote to Sell
May 14, 2024

Finding a company to purchase a high dollar item from, or a contractor to do a big job seems a lot like what I imagine online dating to look like.  Swipe left, swipe right. Running online searches to verify credibility, asking around to see if friends have ever utilized their services, triple checking to make...

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Need For Speed
April 23, 2024

The rush to get to 5 o’clock, the relief that Friday brings, the countdown to the next vacation.  Getting all the jobs out the door, all the phone calls made, all the to-do’s considered done enough. In our race to get “there” we lose the opportunity to learn, to teach, to experience or bestow joy....

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Don't Worry, Be Happier
March 20, 2024

Every day people are faced with situations that are completely out of their control, things they can not change, and obstacles that promise defeat.  A traffic jam when you’re already late, rain on your wedding day, a parts delivery that’s not showing up on the delivery date, and a customer that refuses to pay.  It...

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