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It's Okay To Be Wrong
June 07, 2023

“You gotta be able to be wrong, before you can be right. And even then you might need some help.”  Maybe not one for the wall, but awfully insightful words from a ten year old boy.  Xander, the astute author of the above statement, tends to get frustrated by failure rather easily. Historically, he has...

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A Job Worth Doing
May 30, 2023

If a job’s worth doing, it's worth doing well.  I didn't understand this concept as a young child whose bedroom often appeared that an F4 tornado had blown through recently. Sent to clean my room, I would shove whatever I could under the bed and into the closets. Clothes went unfolded into drawers or tucked...

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Actions Equal Effort
May 16, 2023

Showing up to the field slightly hung over, enrobed in a less than pristine uniform stating that you are putting in effort is a disgrace. The mere act of being present does not equate to commitment, aspiration, and achievement.  Accomplishment comes from putting in the work, being prepared, and going all in.  If I sat...

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One Man's Garbage
May 09, 2023

There is something severely satisfying about acquiring someone else’s discarded, unwanted items and giving them a new home. Whether found in an established thrift store, on the side of the road with a sign that states “FREE”, or gifted upon you from a family member that’s trying to free up space, you are the proud...

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