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Thanks for Nothing!
November 25, 2020

To all the marketers, salespeople, corporations, SPAMers, advertisers, and vendors who contacted me this week I say to you now:THANKS FOR NOTHING!Actually, I should say, “No thank you!” for clogging my inbox with junk mail, SPAM, worthless advertising, and phony thank-you letters. But what I really want to say is, “You failed!” All that you’ve accomplished is that you pissed us off,...

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Couldn't Be Better
November 19, 2020

The entire process of purchasing a home is stressful.  You start with the excitement of looking and hopefully finding your dream home.  Then, you move on to the paperwork.  Oh, the paperwork!  You provide it, fill it out, probably provide some more. Then you hold your breath until you hear the magic words, “You are...

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You Can Lead a Horse to Water
November 04, 2020

The middle Wisconsin sky was cloudless, and the sun was lifting high overhead on the second Monday of January when Tom Morrow clocked in for work at hometown motors. He was in a good mood. He managed to keep Holiday spending within budget this year and he whistled a cheery melody while reading a sticky...

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WFH: Make it Work, Then Make it Better
October 28, 2020

Hi, my name is Meredith, and I am an extrovert. I, like many of you out there, have had my ups and downs while navigating this “working from home” thing. I crave human interaction daily and let’s be honest, there is not a lot of that going on right now with no true end in...

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