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Their Fault, Your Problem
January 16, 2023

Sometimes bad stuff happens. Maybe it’s an unexpected delay or an unavoidable accident. Perhaps it’s simply just a glitch in the system, or an unforeseen detour.  Things happen that may not be in your control. Regardless of any amount of preparation or planning. No matter how many times you have taken that route, or ordered...

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Don't Get Dumped!
January 11, 2023

Difficult to get a hold of. Unwilling to compromise. Half-truths, broken promises, and a general sense of dismissal. Causing feelings of unimportance and insignificance. No wonder you got dumped.  Our customers have other options. There are more fish in the sea, and the grass actually might be greener on the other side. Every time their...

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Nurturing Growth
January 05, 2023

What happens when you plant a tropical plant in Wisconsin and “forget” to winterize it or bring it inside when the winter weather begins?  The plant was healthy. It was thriving in the warm summer sun. It was watered as directed and given the correct amount for food and fertilizer. It was even sung to...

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Planning For Prosperity
December 21, 2022

I have been fired as the Mayor of “Villa de Sari.” It's that time of year when I construct my Christmas village. My roads were set, the snow prepped for fluff. The power strips were hung and each plug had a designated mate.  What started as a definitive plan soon changed. I was not prepared....

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