Your weekly source of sales, marketing, customer service, and management insight - compliments of ETE REMAN

What's REMAN U?

Each week, REMAN UNIVERSITY shares articles and videos focused on helping you to do the one thing you want to do most – to make more money! Follow these tips and you will increase your conversions, increase your average ticket, increase your average weekly gross, and decrease FTAs. Read it, watch it, learn from it, share it with your coworkers, employees, and friends. And then profit from it. The ideas and strategies are real-world, actionable, and implementable. These strategies come from Sam’s thirty years of owning and running successful automotive service centers, and from Noah’s ten years of working with and helping my customers, along with insights from the rest of the team at ETE REMAN. Noah has visited nearly one thousand businesses like yours and has picked up more than a few best practices.

Here’s what you can expect articles and videos about:

  • How to engage your prospects in a way that will earn trust quickly and get their cars in your shop.
  • How to stop blaming “œthe economy” and focus on what you CAN do to grow your business.
  • How to earn loyal customers by first earning loyal employees.
  • How to create positive, word-of-mouth marketing.
  • How to earn referrals.
  • How to integrate social media into your business model to increase your car count.
  • How to compete against low-cost competitors in your area by selling value instead of price.
  • How to upsell your customers without making them feel like they are being taken advantage of.
  • How to convert your lobby into a sales warm-up area that creates a buying atmosphere and helps your manager to make a sale.
  • How to greet your customers and how to serve your customers in a memorable way.
  • How to uncover buying motives by asking smart questions that get to the heart of the sale.
Got questions? Got a problem? Heard a killer objection you could use some help overcoming (or better yet, preventing)? Email us and we’ll be sure to answer!