6L80 Is Top Dog

June 8, 2023 By Kelsey Scherf

6L80s have exploded at ETE Reman!

Oops, that may not be the best choice of words. How about something more like… we’ve seen huge growth of our 6L80 transmission remans in the past years. As you know, the 6L80 dethroned the longtime top dog 4L60, and is now seeing the highest volume of any transmission family. Ah, that’s better.

At ETE, we’re always adjusting to, and staying ahead of market demand, so we’ve dedicated extra time and resources to the 6L80. This new top dog (insert barking sounds) is the first unit to be assembled on our growing second shift.

And with that second shift commitment, ETE’s daily 6L80 production is up 35% since January.
So, here’s the BIG news…. with our increased production, what was a two-week lead time for a 6L80 is down to just a two-day lead time today…and sometimes even less!

You can rest easy knowing that ETE REMAN has the 6L80 when you need it. Plus, ETE’s Quality Team makes sure you get to install the best damn 6L80 on the market. Quality is always job #1 at ETE, and if you want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself.

So, we remanufacture our Torque Converters 100% in-house. But that’s just the beginning…
ETE’s remanufactured 6L80 transmissions get the full Quality-First treatment:
-All major valve body components are tested or replaced.
-100% of all wearable parts replaced.
-All valve bodies are cleaned and dyno tested.
-Fully re-engineered stator shaft for proper fluid distribution, pressure, and leak prevention.
-We resurface the pump body and pump cover to guarantee the mating of surfaces. Truing up these surfaces seals the pressure circuits from crossing.
-And a whole lot more!

Head over to buyete.com next time you find yourself in the market for your next 6L80 and get a quote. Plus, check out our cool 360° images to catch every detail. Not signed up for buyete.com? Let’s get you added, it’s easy and free!

ETE REMAN 6L80 Transmission Information Sheet