Dennis Osterman Retires from ETE REMAN After 32 Years

February 14, 2020 By The Rhythm Of Reman

For the past 32 years, Dennis Osterman, (employee #0028) has been installing, shifting and torqueing for ETE REMAN.

“I’ve been here so long, Sam Loshak himself hired me,” chuckled Dennis. “And all it was was a handshake and a, ‘Come to work the next day.’” Dennis would go on to recall what a day at ETE REMAN was like back in 1987.

“Back then, Sam’s business was on 10th and National, and my job was to build transmissions, talk to the customers, do road tests, buy parts, basically every department that we now have here at ETE REMAN, each with at least 10-12 people in said departments, I had to do it all.  If they needed me to install, or anything, what it was, I did it, but most builders were like that back then. Not as specialized.”

As people move from business to business in these fast-paced times, we couldn’t help but ask Dennis why he chose to come to work every day for ETE for 33 years. Dennis without hesitation said, “Sam’s always been good to me. Back in the day, ETE also worked on engines and that was where Sam spent most of his time. It was just me and one other guy in the transmission department back then and Sam shook my hand and told me that he had the utmost trust in me. There was barely any conflict between us and how we ran things, so I barely ever saw him. (Laughs) And that was just the way it was, you had a job to do and we did it and that was it. Back then, there were no three strikes, if you weren’t doing your job, you were gone. You were expected to know pretty much anything that came through the doors back then, but what I love, specifically about the transmission in vehicles is that I never stopped learning how to make them. I love problem-solving because that’s what I do in my everyday life and it’s why I love ETE.”

It’s always sad when legends go and Dennis is no exception. To us, he represents history. As he walks towards his car, he echoes the days when ETE REMAN was just a shop. Now with over 500+ employees, Dennis has enjoyed watching ETE grow into the family it has become. And after 33 of loyal service, we were curious as to what Dennis was going to do with all his new free time. “My wife has been retired for a year now, so I can’t wait to hang out with her. We now have the opportunity to do what we want to do.”

Congrats, Dennis Osterman, on your retirement and whatever your next adventure holds, just know you’ll always be part of our ETE Family. Thank you for your many years of valued service!