Get Ready for 6R80s!

September 14, 2023 By Keairra


With five million 6R80s on the road, these tough transmissions hold a similar position in the aftermarket as their domestic competitor the 6L80. We’ve discussed the ramped-up demand for the 6L80 several times in the New Torque Times – and you might ask why it’s not the same for its Ford counterpart. The truth is, we just haven’t seen it…yet.  BUT we anticipate 6R80s will be a high-volume transmission for aftermarket replacement just like the 6L80, driven by its high vehicles in operation (VIO) count and vehicle composition. Examining the replacement dynamic of its predecessor, the 4R70, the big reman demand hit in years eight through ten. And we expect demand for 6R80 remans to follow the same timing. The 6R80 is just now entering that window, so get ready for the boom. We already are!