Next Step: Using Our App!

January 18, 2024 By Kelsey Scherf

OK, you’ve downloaded the app…now what? Our new app is designed to make doing business with ETE easier than ever, so it’s time to unlock its full potential and get to using it every day!

On the app you can:
-Schedule core returns
-Easily search products by application, interchange, or VIN
-Quickly check price and availability
-Get estimated delivery time for orders
-Effortlessly scan to read and input VIN
-And more!

All you need to do is open the app on your smart device to start your exploration. Our interface makes getting to know the app incredibly easy. So go ahead, poke around and find what is most useful to you!

We’ll be bringing you new updates and features to the app constantly, so log in regularly, and you can be the first to know about new features! Your journey doesn’t end with the app download, it is only the beginning. Don’t just download the app—make it a part of your daily life!

Don’t have the app yet? Scan or click below to download!

                                                     Click Here to Download for Apple      Click Here to Download for Google/Android