Decreased Engine Lead Times at ETE REMAN

July 11, 2023 By Kelsey Scherf

We’ve been keeping you up-to-date on market trends in the transmission world, but remanufactured transmissions aren’t our only thing; we aren’t a one trick pony over here. ETE REMAN has been launching new engines since the summer of 2020, and we don’t plan to stop!

We saw strong demand for engines over the following 12 months in a very competitive market. That pain-in-the-butt lead time proved to be an issue as everyone was facing supply chain issues…yet again. Our capacity could not keep up with the increasing demand, and lead times continued to grow. As quality is always #1 at ETE REMAN, we were not willing to sacrifice quality to get the engine out the door.

Our production team worked tirelessly to reduce lead times, and we are proud to say we are back to a one week turnaround! ETE REMAN’s engine offering now covers 53 part numbers, and 13 million VIO!

This added coverage comes with available inventory and quicker than ever lead times of only one week! ETE’s engine program continues to grow, and we look forward to adding even more coverage!

*Plus many, many more! Contact us for additional coverage information at 800-934-9479

Want to learn more about ETE’s engine program? Check out our detailed blog post here!

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