Transfer Cases at ETE REMAN

November 15, 2023 By Kelsey Scherf

If you think ETE REMAN is just remanned transmissions, think again. In addition to our extensive catalog of top-of-the-line transmissions, we offer a world of other great powertrain products, like transfer cases.

A bad transfer case can result in gear shifting issues, difficulty staying in 4WD/AWD, or produce some epically nasty grinding noises.

Next time your shop needs a transfer case, trust ETE. Our transfer cases go through the most stringent quality-control process in the industry to make sure we deliver the quality you expect from ETE REMAN. And here’s how you can be sure of that:

ETE REMAN’s transfer cases are:

-Thoroughly inspected for cracks, stripped threads, or wear in the case halves

-Carefully inspected in all internal parts, including chain stretch and main shaft

-Fully remanufactured to OE quality or better with new seals and certified spec bearings

-Completely tested for performance, including torque testing of viscous clutches

-Processed as individual units from teardown to testing

-Available for foreign and domestic applications

-Covered by ETE REMAN’s 3-year, unlimited mile transferable warranty


We have over 500 part numbers for transfer cases covering 48 million VIO.

Check them out at or download our app to explore!

ETE Transfer Case Information Sheet