Ram ProMaster and 62TE Market Update

April 17, 2023 By Kelsey Scherf

The demand for remanufactured 62TE automatic transmissions is growing by the month and ETE Reman is ramping up production of our 62TEs as the OEM 6-speed units age. The popularity of Ram ProMaster for delivery vehicles since 2013 is another factor driving demand for remanufactured 62TEs. Ram began production of the ProMaster in 2013 preparing for the 2014 model year launch to the public. They have steadily increased production over the last decade, and it has recently accelerated as Ram fits new ProMasters with the 9HP48, 9-speed.

Currently, 425,000 ProMasters have been produced for the North American market with another 450,000 expected through 2030 (not including electric models). While the vehicles in operation (VIO) may not be as large as domestic pickups or some other delivery vehicles, these units get DRIVEN!

ETE has seen average miles/year for ProMaster vehicles to be nearly 10,000 miles per year more than other applications with 62TE transmissions, and, of course, most of that mileage is stop and start, city driving meaning more wear and tear on the transmission. Next time you get an Amazon package delivery, ask if they need their transmission looked at as well! If it’s a 62TE, we’ve got you covered, and when the 9HP48s start showing their age, you know we’ll be there for you too.

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ETE REMAN 62TE Transmission Information Sheet