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It Takes a Village
November 24, 2021

I have no hesitation to not only accept but to embrace the terms of endearment that are used to describe me. Extreme, over the top, extra, the list goes on. I have learned to reign in my intenseness when needed. Thank goodness Christmas Village season is not one of those times. I may be a...

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Learn it and Live it: Core Values (Part 2)
November 16, 2021

With the holiday season right around the corner I can't help but feel a tad closer to my ETE family. I loved hearing our team members share what the first two core values mean to them. Filled me up with warm fuzzies even more than a cup of hot cocoa can. So I can’t stop...

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Learn it and Live it: Core Values (Part 1)
November 09, 2021

Issue #530 of RemanU brought you a discussion on core values. Specifically the purpose and the benefits of having them. For the doubters, or the nay-sayers, let me take a moment to prove to you, to show you that our team is stronger, more united and really does “get it”. How can you be so...

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Chasing the Gold
November 03, 2021

Way back before I was sassy and loud, I was shy and well-behaved. I know, shocker. There was a day in third grade and the boy behind me kept pulling my hair. I ignored him for as long as I could but finally broke. I repeatedly whispered for him to stop which in turn just...

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