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See Something, Say Something
June 07, 2021

Inspiration comes from many sources. Today, mine came from a derailed lunch break.  I leave the house in what can only be described as pj’s. I’m rushed. No time for a shower, make up, or even a hair brush. I need buns, beer and sour cream. Birthday dinner is a mere 6 hours away. As...

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Gotta Do's That Aren't Wanna Do's
May 17, 2021

“I gotta clean my room, but I don't wanna. But if I don’t, Mama is going to throw all my stuff away”. Proceeds to clean room.“I gotta go for a run, but I don’t wanna. Meh, no one will know but me.” Sits on couch and eats cookies and watches Netflix for 7 hours.“I gotta...

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Why I’m Glad I Started My Career in a Franchise
May 13, 2021

Franchises. I wonder if you are thinking of Big Macs, your beloved sports team, or Double A-M-C-O…… There is plenty to like and dislike about franchise businesses, and I’ll bet whichever one you are thinking of gave you a strong association. If you’ve read more than a few sentences I’ve written you won't be shocked...

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Is Your Culture a Panacea or Poison?
April 21, 2021

In Wisconsin, we get excited when spring arrives. We finally get to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the sun and the crisp fresh air. A few years ago, my spring cleanup was unforgettable, as well as regrettable. I mulched, edged, trimmed, cut, and fertilized the lawn. The last thing that I did was to...

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