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Is Your Team Performing or Storming?

When there’s a lack of harmony on a team, chances are everyone is aware of it on some level, even if it’s just a vague sense of something’s not quite right. It could be really bad, palpable even from a distance – there could be internal turmoil, talking behind colleagues’ backs (which is never as […]

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How to Draft Your Dream Team

Summer is slowly slipping into fall, bringing cooler weather, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and unequivocally most important: the return of football season. As it happens, more of my coworkers than not are avid some-kind-of-sports fans. This lends itself to some (mostly) friendly competition in the form of fantasy football leagues.   As is customary, to kickoff (pun intended) a […]

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How to Do Impossible Things

49 hours and 17 minutes ago, 13 of my peers and I were beginning a challenge that was physically and mentally impossible. Broken into teams of 2, 7 on each team, we were to follow orders and perform various dreadful movements at the command of Navy Seal Special Ops Veterans. We had all trained hard for […]

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Building Eagle-Eyed Teamwork

Teamwork: cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause. Through teamwork, we: Build trust Blend complementary strengths Foster creativity Maximize knowledge Encourage accurate solutions Raise motivation and morale A proud Philadelphian, I watched the rewards that can be […]

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