Can You Help?

We’ve been writing and sending articles weekly for a little over a year now, and we’ve never really asked you to do anything in return. Until now.

We know you’re reading Reman U (we can see by the analytics and statistics), and we know you’re enjoying it (we get dozens of emails each week thanking us and we often bump into our readers at tradeshows and conferences), but we’d like to see more happening in the online space. More discussion. More conversation. More input from you.Can You Help?

You see, it’s lonely over here at Reman University sometimes. We’ve built a community of nearly 5,000 subscribers and many of you have told me that you share these articles with teammates and friends in the industry, but we don’t hear from you as often as we would like. Our intention is to start a conversation, to spark a healthy argument, and to create a platform in which you can participate.

We are fueled by feedback and response. We get pumped when we hear that we’ve helped you, made you think about things in new ways, or brought you a new business idea.

Lately, it feels like we’re running out of fuel. But there’s good news: you can help!

You can help by:

• Posting a comment right here at
Emailing me directly with feedback about how you’ve benefited from our articles and videos.
• Suggesting a topic for a future article.
• Asking a question that you’d like answered in a future edition.
• Submitting your own article that you’d like to publish (we love reader submissions!).
• Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn (there are convenient links included below each post in the ‘Share the Knowledge’ bar).


With each of the above actions you take, Reman U gets a little better, a little more on-point, a little more perfect for you.


Help us help you!


Stay connected,

Captain Reman


  1. Free-Fax says:

    Just read this post. Is this still open?

    • JenniferKatie says:

       @Free-Fax Hi, Nancy- Yes, this is definitely still open! Have a question or something you’d like to share of yours with our Reman University readers? Email Captain Reman at Thanks for your comment!

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