The Dominance of 6-Speeds

December 20, 2023 By Kelsey Scherf

For months, we’ve been bringing you the most up-to-date market trends. One common theme has been the continued growth in demand for our remanufactured 6-speed transmissions.

The graph below highlights average daily orders by speed at ETE. As you can see, the upward trend of 6-speed reman sales continues unabated as 4 and 5-speeds remain flat.

With 6-speeds being right in the sweet spot for both mileage and average age of vehicles-in-operation (VIO), we expect this trend to continue through 2024 and well beyond. But watch for 8-speeds right around the corner. They are in R&D right now, and ETE REMAN will be ready when the real 8-speed demand hits.

But for now, you could call 6-speeds the golden child, as demand for reman units has grown steadily since 2018. Want to learn more about 6-speed demand and growth? Check out some of our past articles below!

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Keep an eye out in 2024 for more market updates from ETE REMAN!