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October 9, 2019 By The Support Soignuer Leave a comment

Ever feel stuck, bored, stagnant, ineffective, lost, overwhelmed, or overall plain lackluster at work? Ruh-roh, you’re in a rut. 


Me too.  Not often mind you; I genuinely enjoy working, am optimistic by nature, have a great job, and a fantastic life. But…I do not always feel inspired by my work.  I do not always feel productive.  I do not always feel creative and effective.  I do not always feel like I’m on a role, kicking butt, and making it happen.  I’m not always in the zone or on my game.   


When you’ve got it going, everything is great.  We have fun and reach our objectives.   



  • Do you know what lights your fire?   
  • What motivates and inspires you?   
  • What triggers your A game? 

Be mindful of the positive and negative influences on you.  Avoid the bad stuff/blockers, lean into the things, people and environments that help you, and keep seeking out new sparks.  I throw everything I can at this, including the kitchen sink: Books, blogs, courses, coffee, talking a walk, TED Talks, conferences, webinars, site-tours, customer visits, music, my children’s school, a chat with a stranger, going for a run, going on vacation, lunch dates, happy hour, shadowing, coaching, mentoring, teaching, learning.  


Ruts happen, but knowing what drags you down and lifts you up? These are the things, whatever your list looks like, that you must rely on and go to when you need a lift from your rut.


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