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Take A Breath

June 11, 2020 By The Rhythm Of Reman Leave a comment

My REMAN U crew has been busy this week. So busy that no one was able to write an article in time to go out today. I was going to send out an archive, but instead, I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to reach out via email and remind you, reader, to take a breath today. 

The last several months have been bonkers. And looking ahead, I see nothing but future potential for more bonkers. In some ways, things are starting to feel a bit more like they did in the before times. And in some ways, I look around me and see things changing and realize they may never be the same. No matter how personally impacted you are by say, a pandemic or politics or a movement, taking in the reality of the world today can be jarring, stressful, and sometimes quite frightening. 

Our community is spread around the country, so I know not everyone can go outside and see the sun shining through the trees, but for me, simply looking at trees, I’m able to breathe. Do that thing, whatever it is for you, for yourself today. 

Twitter, news broadcasts, data, economic forecasts, live feeds – they’ll all be there for you the moment you’re done. 

Take a breath. 



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