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The Power of Mental Strength

October 4, 2022 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

The true test of strength and agility is not defined by one’s bicep circumference. It is not measured in laps or touchdowns, miles or bench press weight. True strength comes from mindset, determination, and intentional actions that create a strong mental foundation. 

Being mentally strong does not mean that you never break. It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever find yourself in darkness. Mental strength doesn’t make you emotionally invincible. Mental strength is approaching these situations not without fear, but with grit and tenacity. Inner vigor is not consistent success, it is embracing a failure, learning from it and becoming an even stronger version of yourself. 

I have faced the toughest months of my life this year. I will not claim to be Wonder Woman, but here I am killing it. If nothing else, 2022 has taught me that I’m stronger than I ever could have imagined. I have had to learn to become mentally strong. It was not a robust trait that stayed dormant until called upon. It requires continued practice and acknowledgement. Just like replacing that pesky underarm jiggle with muscle, I have had to train, and retrain my brain to be brawny. 

Committing to mental strength requires the formation of new habits. New habits take time to form and become second nature, but if you come face to face with a mentally challenging monster you will be grateful for taking the time to stretch your mind. 

What do mentally strong people do? 

  1. Dump the “poor me” attitude: Do not waste time or energy feeling sorry for yourself. What is, is. And What will be, will be. Take a moment. Cry, scream, or smash a plate, but a moment is all you are allowed. Get up, dry your eyes and look at the situation objectively. 
  2. Focus on What Can be Controlled: If you can’t change it, don’t invest the time attempting to. You can not control the inevitable, but you can control your attitude surrounding it. 
  3. Accept Change and Welcome Challenges: Change isn’t easy. Whether it be life altering or just a minor detour. Welcome the challenges presented, learn and grow from the experience. Emerge smarter, stronger, and more capable than before. 
  4. Celebrate the Successes of Others: Not everyone crosses the finish line first. Celebrating the success of others, even when you have come in second, or last, promotes happiness. A failure is only as such if you fail to learn from it. Be open to learn from the success of others. 
  5. Set Healthy Boundaries: “NO”. Such an easy word to spell, yet such a difficult concept. It is ok to say “no” without feeling guilt. Your mental health is dependent on having your personal needs met, rather than the needs of others. 
  6. Look Forward: Leave the past in the past. It likely has helped form who you are today. The good and the not great. Take what parts of the experiences are useful and flush the rest. You will never achieve growth if you continuously focus on an event, person, or situation that caused you grief or hardship. 

I haven’t conquered Mount Saint Crapshow. I haven’t slayed the dragon of despair. But I have learned how to stay mentally strong.

I will forego the title of Wonder Woman, and stick with Mighty Mouse. They say, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Good thing all four foot eleven of me is closer to the ground, for if I do happen to take that stumble I’m well equipped (and strong enough) to jump back up again.

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