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Ready, Set, Start!

October 11, 2022 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

As we enter quarter four of 2022, we take the time to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t. Have we hit our quarter three goals? Succeeded in accomplishing all that was set out to do? Have we stopped doing what is holding us back in order to start doing what needs to be done to ensure progress? 

The only way to start doing something new, is to stop doing the thing that is holding you back.

You can’t be an oversleeper, and be on time. 

You can’t be a fast food regular, and eat clean.

You can’t give the bare minimum, and be an overachiever. 

You can’t smoke, and be a non-smoker.

When setting goals or committing to making changes people often focus on what they have to give up. What they can’t do versus what they can do. The negative connotation associated with quitting makes it more difficult to commit to creating the new positive habit. 

So, STOP stopping, and START starting. 

Start being punctual. Become a health food connoisseur. Go above and beyond. Create your identity as a smoke free person.  

By allowing ourselves the opportunity to achieve a positive quality, the journey, not just the finish line is filled with gratification. 

How do we relearn how to make new habits and rules for ourselves and our teams that are “DO” focused. 

  1. Identify Your End Goal: What do you want to become? Look forward rather than backward. You can’t change where you have been, only where you are going. 
  2. Determine the Qualities Required: Focus on what attributes are needed for success. If you are going to be the first person in space with only a camel, you can likely forgo the interpersonal skills training. 
  3. Put a Positive Spin On It: Once you know where you are going, and who you need to be to get there, START! Your new habits should be positive action statements. Go to training. Read the books. Do the work.  
  4. Celebrate the Success: On the long journey to outer space (or wherever your aspirations are taking you) you will falter. Do not focus on your mistakes. Cheat days, falling off the wagon and mishaps are part of the growth process and make your final success much sweeter. Pat yourself on the back when you ace that training course, even if it is just the intro material. Acknowledge the wins, learn from the snafu’s and don’t stop starting!

Building new better habits doesn’t happen overnight. It is a commitment to not only start, but to continue on the path of positive change. 

Ready, Set, Start!

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