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Practice Being Amazing

January 31, 2023 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

Great speakers have been molded from years of listening. Successful athletes have spent hours watching the highlight reels of MVP’s. Deep thinkers have immersed themselves in the thoughts of others. 

I can not be a writer, if I am not a reader. 

Becoming exceptional is not a solo mission. You must learn from not only personal experience and dedication, but by consuming the knowledge that already exists. Know what doesn’t work by studying another’s failure. Benefit by incorporating proven successful tactics into your own journey. Practice being amazing. 

Our group of team leaders recently met for the annual pow-wow. I am lucky enough to be part of this group as I in some capacity, whether it be training, coaching, implementing processes or countless other tasks, touch their team members often. These leads were once part of these teams as a peer. Making the transition from bud to boss can be difficult. Having to correct inadequate performance, address attendance issues, or discussing a crappy attitude can be terrifying when the conversation has to be had with someone that was once simply a friend, or at least someone you were friendly with. 

During the block of time we spent together we took a step back from strategic planning and focused on these difficult conversations. Each lead was to write down a scenario of a corrective action discussion and be evaluated on what went well and what fell short. I gladly volunteered to be the “employee” on the receiving end of the dialogue. I love role playing, I am kind of a jerk. If they could get past me, talking to their team members would be a piece of cake. 

As the scenarios played out, each took the time to accept feedback from myself, Maggie (the head-honcho of the team), and each other. It was clear that while we have all had different experiences, sharing them as a group made us collectively stronger. We practiced being amazing. The books we’ve read, the conversations we’ve had. The leadership training, guidance and mentors that have been made available. These external materials are simply the tools to take this group from terrific to tremendous. 

You can not be a great leader, without submerging yourself into the lives, thoughts and playbooks of those who have proven to lead with greatness.

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