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Refreshed Perception

July 12, 2023 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

A simple change in perception gives the power to see the world in a whole new light. Whether it be a physical change such as location or placement in a room, or a new outlook on life, the way things are viewed changes the way they are seen. 

Your attitude is yours, and yours alone. How you react to an event is ultimately more impactful than the actual occurrence itself. 

It is all too easy to get sucked down the “woah is me” toilet. Everyone is out to get you, the world is a sort of gray, even cookies taste off putting. It’s a pretty crappy place to be. 

I have been in the dumps for a few months. Writing wasn’t enjoyable, baking carried no interest, background noise of my favorite playlist sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I was letting life happen to me instead of owning it and my outlook had been mighty bleak at best. I was becoming the person I despised. I knew that I needed to flush the negativity, the hate and anger, and the sadness, but I didn’t know where to start. 

My home workspace over the last two years has changed rooms multiple times. I was in the craft room, the closet, the empty living area downstairs and finally the kitchen table. The goal was to finish the downstairs and make it a new enjoyable place to work and live. I believed that a new environment would give me my groove back.  I set that goal months ago. I would paint a little, and give up. Move some furniture, and put it back. The results were a couch in the middle of the room, half painted walls, and a desk that was covered in clutter. I dreaded going down stairs and avoided it other than to feed the cats and do the laundry. I gave up on creating my serene work area and lived in the kitchen. 

I don’t know why life changing epiphanies have to happen at four in the morning on a Saturday when I can sleep in. The “me” of the last three months would have been upset, rolled over grumbling and put a pillow over my face. But this wake-up call truly set my gears in motion. Getting up and out of bed before the birds started chirping was perfect timing. I needed the whole day to reset, refresh and get my head out of the commode. I made the decision to stop reacting and start doing. 

Saturday morning’s call to action led me to where I am this morning. Only forty-eight hours later and I am at my desk, in a beautiful, organized room, enjoying putting these words on the screen. 

I have found my positivity. It started with a bit of unexpected early morning motivation and left me with a new sense of peace. 

I am reinvigorated. I am ready to start this week with an umph I hadn’t felt in way too long. While I only updated my working area, the side effects of a new space have allowed me to spruce up my mental and emotional health as well. 

I will not bullet point the steps to find happiness, as I am not a licensed professional, however here is my advice to you.

Be brave enough to be self aware.

Make the conscious, or unconscious, decision to make a positive change.

Choose to own your reactions. 

Do something to change your perspective. Paint, turn your desk to face the window, hang a plant. 

Your boss, your friends, your family, and even the plumber will appreciate it.


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