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What the FOG!

October 18, 2023 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

“Why is it only foggy in front of, and behind us?” 

This is not the riddle of the day, but rather a very serious inquiry from an extremely inquisitive young man. 

As you can probably guess, this morning’s walk to the bus stop was rather murky, almost down right spooky. Visibility was only allowing for a few feet of clarity in any direction. We made it to the top of the hill to wait for the bus’s headlights to emerge from the gloom. As we peered back to the direction in which we came from, our house that is normally unobstructed, was barely discernible through the opaque cloud cover that blanketed our path. 

Whether we just had a little extra pep in our step today, or the creepy ghostly air made us walk a bit faster, we had plenty of time to discuss this morning’s atmospheric conditions. 

When asked the above question, the answer seemed simple. I quickly spouted a response that seemed truthful and insightful.

As soon as it traveled from mind to mouth, I realized it was nonsense. Well, at least part of it was. For the remaining minutes, we pondered and brain dumped using fog to relate to problems, goals, and lessons in life.

Our list is compiled of unorganized thoughts from the innocent to the experienced. I have been unable to let go of the conversation thus deeming our findings Reman U worthy. 

“Everything is the clearest, while we are in the midst of it”

This is the statement that I classified as crap the second I said it. Too often we are blinded by our own shadow to see the truth. Clarity requires us to step out of the immediate and take a 30,000 foot view. When dealing with an issue, or having to make a difficult decision people are limited by the potential impact it may have personally and resist taking on an alternative, unselfish view. My area is clear, why should I care about yours? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

What is the impact? Where can I help, or hurt? What needs to be done regardless of its immediate impact upon oneself? What’s the worst that can happen? Might I be in a better place when the sun shines through? 

Living within the fog is like being trapped inside of a bubble. While it may be comfortable and familiar, it limits growth and objectivity in progression. Take the step forward, cut through the fog and address the issues with certainty. 

“Why is the grass greener and the fog foggier” 

Comparing yourself, your job, your struggles, and your strengths to others is the quickest way to be miserable. 

We are standing at the bus stop and we see people approaching. To each other we appear to be visible, clear, and happy (despite heading off to school). Our neighbors (who I couldn’t tell were our neighbors until they nearly crossed our path) seemed fuzzy, almost moist, and definitely not enjoying their morning walk. As they walked by, they smiled, said good morning and waved. We were just as foggy to them as they were to us. 

Fog is nothing but your perception of the situation. It will cloud your judgment and alter your behavior. Act and react with clarity and unbiased methods.

“Everything seems so much clearer when the fog is lifted”

The sun came out by midmorning. The gloom was gone and so was my mental funk. Oftentimes, we allow external forces to alter our mental and emotional states. When the fog is thick, walk away. When one is unable to fully commit to resolving an issue, whether it be the inability to see the full picture, being caught up in one’s own bubble of despair, or just the pure weight of the situation, a successful resolution will not be the result. 

Being able to acknowledge when you have reached your limit to view problems or situations objectively is a skill that is learned, and must be practiced to maintain. The feeling of being overwhelmed creates a mania that provokes intense doing, but results in getting very little done in a quality manner. 

Step back, wait for the sunshine to peek through. The murkiness of a hidden answer will become more clear. 

While we continued down a narrow rabbit hole of fog related inquiries, our questions became deeper and the answers more illusive. I, however, was able to return to my blanketed house, identify the parallels, and gain a bit of insight that has been gifted from our natural world. 

Keep your eyes open (and your headlights on) as you never know where your next inspiration may originate

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