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Install Experience, Instill Confindence

November 15, 2023 By Amy Pfile Leave a comment

ETE Reman launched an exciting onboarding tool for new employees in August of 2022. This experience allows for transparency in each role as well as a detailed understanding of the build process. The goal was to decrease turnover by creating investment within the team. Not long after the program began, and proved successful, selected customer service reps were invited to partake in the sessions to expand their knowledge regarding the product they were selling and supporting. 

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to get down, and a little dirty. 

Learning to build, means learning to satisfy.

ETE Reman is a company focused on progression and growth , bringing customers the best experience possible, and showing how to truly instill confidence. With a plethora of educational opportunities at our fingertips as Customer Service reps, we can only bring the best if we take it upon ourselves to learn from the best.

This past week I was able to experience ATSG Academy with ETE, and it opened the doors to not only be educated, but to see how much hard work goes into rebuilding our transmissions. ATSG Academy is a great tool that we use during onboarding and for extended education to understand not only how we manufacture, but also to be able to observe first hand  the multitude of steps and processes that ETE takes to make sure what we create is the best there can be. Exploring each step of manufacturing brings a healthy dose of appreciation for our co-workers who build. The experience sheds light on the complicated and precise process we take to create our transmissions. 

Upon starting ATSG Academy, I was armed with the knowledge that had been taught to  me from Leads and others with a longer tenure. I was also able to learn from our own internally created educational area that houses components. It is available for us to observe, handle, and feel what all the different parts of a transmission are. My knowledge was limited in this field. ATSG Academy taught what the components themselves were and introduced me to the importance of each part we create and use during the build process. I am now able to understand each piece’s importance and the role they play in the function of a complete transmission. This training experience also allowed myself and the group to assemble the entirety of the transmission. It has led me to become not only a knowledgeable representative for our customers, but was truly a fascinating experience, and not at all easy to do. Transmissions are heavy, they are slicked in oil, and have so many pieces together it will make you question how one can even master knowing how to assemble, but being able to be educated and walk through every step, is such a fulfilling experience to partake in. 

After ATSG Academy, I was immediately able to step into a much more comfortable position with discussing transmissions and answering questions with our customers. Explaining what an oil pan is, explaining what a valve body is and where it is located, opens up the doors for beneficial and informative conversations with customers, but also gives me the confidence I need to assure that we really are, installing confidence. ATSG Academy is an amazing experience for all to become as educated as we can, creates appreciation for the hard work that is done in the factory, and can create such fulfillment in knowing that we are able to provide so much for our customers everyday.

What does your company do to promote a better understanding of the full picture? How can you narrow the 10,000 foot view so that regardless of job title your entire crew has the same vision? 

Education and training are valuable. Full immersion is priceless.

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