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ETE and Kaizen: Getting Better Everyday

December 19, 2023 By Nick Moroder Leave a comment

At ETE’s Reman-U, we often talk about our core values, and today I want to delve into what I believe is the most transformative one: “Getting Better Every Day.” Rooted in the concept of Kaizen, this Japanese term for “continuous improvement” has become a guiding light in both my professional and personal life, especially on those days filled with unexpected challenges.

We’ve all been there: starting the day off feeling out of sorts or facing a series of complications at work. It’s during these moments that “Getting Better Every Day” becomes more than a principle; it becomes a practical approach to problem-solving.

Take, for instance, the frustration of dealing with broken equipment. It can throw off an entire day’s schedule and significantly impact productivity. Instead of allowing this to overwhelm me, I focus on what can be fixed right now, even if it’s a small repair or arranging for a temporary solution. This incremental approach helps in not only addressing the immediate issue but also in planning for future equipment maintenance more effectively.

Delivery delays are another common hurdle. They can disrupt our workflow and affect customer satisfaction. Here, Kaizen teaches us to look for ways to optimize our process, perhaps by finding alternative suppliers or improving our inventory management to cushion against such delays in the future.

Communication problems and personnel challenges are also areas where the principle of “Getting Better Every Day” is immensely valuable. Whether it’s a misunderstanding within the team or a training issue with new hires at ATSG Academy, focusing on improving one aspect of communication or training at a time can lead to more cohesive and effective team dynamics.

In each of these scenarios, the key is not to get bogged down by the entirety of the problem. By focusing on fixing or improving one aspect, we make the issue more manageable and less intimidating. This approach not only helps in resolving the immediate concern but also contributes to long-term improvement in our processes, relationships, and work environment.

“Getting Better Every Day” is more than a core value; it’s a mindset of persistent improvement. It encourages us to view every challenge, be it broken equipment or a delay in delivery, as an opportunity to learn and grow. By embracing this value, we don’t just aim to solve problems; we strive to evolve continuously, ensuring quality and excellence in all we do at ETE.

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