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Show Them What You’re Made Of

October 27, 2021 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

Before I was the Siren of Support, I was a student of Sociology. And before that, I started life as the scion of Steve and Anne. My roles have changed as I have grown up. The decisions I have to make on a daily basis are more complex now than when my biggest worry was who’s door to knock after school but the basis of my choices remains constant. Born into a culture of family, hard work and honesty, my foundational values have shaped who I became and how I live my life. 

If you are reading this, chances are you have either worked with us, or for us. And if it’s neither of the two, you definitely should try it out. ETE Reman is a company whose culture is palpable. When I walked in the door almost eight years ago, I could feel that I was home. I knew that even unspoken, the values from the top down paired well with my own. It wasn’t until almost five years later the values that were bred from our company culture became tangible as they were not only published but broadcasted company wide. Everyone, no matter what position, now had a set of non-negotiable standards to uphold. We live and die, hire and fire and recite these six core values with pride and commitment.  

If these values were always there then why does it feel so different now? If the values were born from the culture, why is there a need to define them? If these words are so important, where have they been? Why go from Ms. to Mrs? Why put the M.D. at the end of a signature? When we write it down we make it real. We make it indisputable. We make it so these core values are not hidden in the background. They are the basis for every choice, the thought behind every interaction. They are ETE. 

The journey to concrete core values was rocky at times. The road had twists and turns and sometimes we were walking in place, sometimes we just stopped moving all together. But we made it. We did it. And it was worth it. 

Check out these benefits to having a strong set of company core values:

  1. Uniformity and Alignment: When your teams are working towards the same goal with the same purpose the potential for success exponentially increases. 
  2. Decision making: Core values allow the company as a whole to base decisions on the big picture and not just the presented situation. Choices that do not align with the core values will be easier to dismiss.  
  3. Hire better!: Explain your core values and ask the potential employee what it means to them and have them provide real life examples. Weed out the ones that aren’t a culture fit before you invest any more time.  
  4. Assessment and Performance management: Is this person living up to expectations or not. Documented core values provide an indisputable feedback platform. 

Whether you are an owner, a manager or an employee seek out core values, ask that they be defined and live by them. 

Time to go make some good choices! 

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