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Couldn’t Be Better

November 19, 2020 By Duchess Of Drivetrain Leave a comment

The entire process of purchasing a home is stressful.  You start with the excitement of looking and hopefully finding your dream home.  Then, you move on to the paperwork.  Oh, the paperwork!  You provide it, fill it out, probably provide some more. Then you hold your breath until you hear the magic words, “You are clear to close.”


As my closing date drew near, I realized I completely forgot about all of the other important next steps involved in buying a home and moving successfully.  Oh, you know, making sure my family has heat and electricity, that our mail knows how to find us, and this slightly important thing (especially when working from home): an internet connection.

After looking around and wasting time to see if I could transfer my services online, I found that I could not and prepared myself mentally to sit on hold until finally reaching someone to go through this very mundane task. 

What I got, though, was Brian.  Brian answered my call RIGHT AWAY.  He sounded… cheery.  Brian asked how I was, and I responded in my very automatic way of, “Doing good, how about you?” What happened next is the reason I am writing about this experience. 

Brian responded, “Couldn’t be better!” – and I believed him.  I could HEAR him smiling on the other end of the phone, and he made me feel like I was his only focus at the moment.  Sure, I heard commotion in the background, and it sounded like things might have been going haywire for someone.  But not for Brian.

I let my typical consumer guard down.

By the end of the relatively short conversation, I learned a bit about his hobbies, how he was recently impacted by the events of the world, somehow got to telling him about our favorite sports team (Go Noles!) and found myself smiling a bit more than I thought I would.  Oh, and something else important:  I accomplished what I needed to, transferring my services to my new address AND upgraded my service plan.

Did you catch that?  He got me to upgrade my plan. 

I had no intention of doing that.  Probably did not need to.  I realize it costs a tad more than what I am currently paying.  So why did I do it? 

Brian’s service was spectacular, and he hit every point of being a Customer Service Representative.  He kept me engaged throughout the entire conversation, connected with me on a more personal level, and reminded me I was talking to a human – and that he knew he was talking to one, too. He educated me on my options and was very open about their 30-day money-back guarantee.  He didn’t force the upgrade on me but opened the door and led me to it. 

Brian was friendly, empathetic, sincere, and good at what he does. While maybe on any given day we aren’t all in a state of, “Couldn’t be better!” when we answer a call, what if we strive for that? Fake it till we make it? Begin each call with the potential of a personable, winning call? Let’s try it.

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