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Chasing the Gold

November 3, 2021 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

Way back before I was sassy and loud, I was shy and well-behaved. I know, shocker. There was a day in third grade and the boy behind me kept pulling my hair. I ignored him for as long as I could but finally broke. I repeatedly whispered for him to stop which in turn just made him do it more. Then. I. Got. Caught. My name went on the board for talking during class. I was destroyed. I had always been the perfect student. After class I tiptoed to the front of class to beg the teacher not to call home and to please take my name off of the board. I explained why I was talking. She didn’t erase my name, but she didn’t call home. She sent me away with a question, “What did I learn”? Eight year old me learned not to sit in front of boys that couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Grown up me sees the bigger picture. 

So you get a 1 star review. A thumbs down. Some fella you usually think is kind of neat tells you your intro to a RemanU is a little too “Gilmore Girls”. It stings. It doesn’t feel great. You question all of your life choices. 


When I rewrote the introduction to RemanU # 528, it was even better than the previous version. When feedback is received, especially the kind that burns a bit, you have the opportunity to grow. Sure, you can pout for a minute, make excuses, maybe even flip off the IM chat the feedback came from but then pick your head up and ask yourself, “What did I learn?” and “What can I do better?”

Most people inherently fear and avoid a perceived negative evaluation. It is scary. It can create self doubt and make you feel a tad yucky inside, and that’s ok, it should. These types of reviews can give you the kick in the pants you need to look in the mirror and take a clear look at how you are communicating. Open your eyes to the customer’s perception of the interaction. Were you really combative, less than helpful, sounded bored and disengaged? Becoming aware of your conversational habits is the first step towards escaping the mental script. 

I challenge you to not only hear the feedback, but to accept it and make a change. Go back and listen to the call that prompted a less than perfect rating. Reread the text string that left your customer feeling like just a number. Ask questions, contact the customer, let them know that you hear them and you take what they had to say seriously. Review your process and see where you could have been better. And then, BE BETTER.

Accept that a perfect ten is not the finish line. Perfection is an illusive checkered flag, whereas professional and personal growth is the irrefutable gold medal.   

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