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Learn it and Live it: Core Values (Part 1)

November 9, 2021 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

Issue #530 of RemanU brought you a discussion on core values. Specifically the purpose and the benefits of having them. For the doubters, or the nay-sayers, let me take a moment to prove to you, to show you that our team is stronger, more united and really does “get it”.

How can you be so sure your entire team lives and breathes the values you have set in place? How do you know that the values really do align with individual morals? How do you ensure the values are the basis of the company culture? The answers to these are actually fairly simple. We, from the top down, ingrain these beliefs in the minds and hearts of every person that joins the ETE family. We ask what they mean to “you” to the prospective employee. We ask current members of the teams, “What do our core values mean to you, and how do you utilize them in your day to day”? The answers from our teams are truthful and heartfelt and most importantly believed in. 

This week I asked the teams to share with me what core values #1 and #2 mean to them:


“Generally Caring about people ” is important and challenging because you can’t fake it, at least, it’s extremely hard to do so. Things like remembering people’s names, asking follow-ups from past conversations, or straight up listening to what people have to say can go a long way to convince others you care. You don’t need to shower someone with gifts weekly or have to know their family tree to care about someone. Sometimes, just showing engagement and enthusiasm can demonstrate how to truly care for people, generally.

-Meegs, Team Marketing

To place yourself in their shoes and try your best to feel their emotion. To do your best to give, treat and respect people in the manner you expect to have in return. And when it is not given in return, hold your head high and know that you have tried. 

-Tammi, Pod 1

To genuinely CARE….Listen to who is speaking, show your interest in what they have to say, focus on the task at hand and be honest. Being there for the person just isn’t enough, follow through and show you truly care. 

-Michelle, Pod 4


Ready to win together means coming in with an attitude conducive to teamwork but also sharing the success together, work together win together!

-Alex, Newb

Win TOGETHER is more than just working as a team, at times it means you have to invest your time to train others up and let them receive the acknowledgment so they, and the company, can grow.

-Drew, Business Intelligence

Continuous improvements, celebrating our success, helping each other working towards our dreams.

-Jeanette, Parts Department

Whether we are at home, in the office, or in the shop there is no distance great enough to break the bond our core values have instilled. 

I’m not crying, you’re crying.


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