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Learn it and Live it: Core Values (Part 2)

November 16, 2021 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

With the holiday season right around the corner I can’t help but feel a tad closer to my ETE family. I loved hearing our team members share what the first two core values mean to them. Filled me up with warm fuzzies even more than a cup of hot cocoa can. So I can’t stop now! Our third and fourth core values, and possibly my two favorites are “Be Willing To Go All In”, and “Strive To Get Better Everyday”.  

If you asked me, which you didn’t, but that’s never stopped me before, these two mantras are why ETE Reman was able to grow and be known to produce the “Best damn remanufactured transmissions” in the United States. Sam started this company with his own blood, sweat and possibly even tears in 1984. As the new kid on the block he had to give it his all. Even when success was achieved, Sam didn’t stop. He expanded. He found new and better ways to do things. Sitting still wasn’t an option. Sam surrounded himself with the best of the best, the people that believed in the business, and teams that were proud to go all in and get better everyday. Sam is the epitome of these values, they were in his bones well before they were on our walls. 

It’s really amazing to see that these ways of life are contagious. Check out what some of my friends had to say about “Getting Better Everyday” and “Going All In”. 

You are ready and willing to focus all your energy toward the greater good or focus point.  In this case I think of going all in for the ETE family.  You have to be coachable, and willing to learn new things as well as take what you’ve learned with past success and apply that to help elevate your present/current success.  ACCEPT the growing pains!  Get out of your comfort zone, it’s a fun place to be but nothing ever grows out of comfort. You have to push yourself to see what you are made of to get those uncommon results your team needs from you as your contribution.  It’s important to be a “Sponge” even if you’re a veteran you can always learn something.  Soak in all that knowledge no matter how many times you’ve watched that biz library video, the point is so that when you’re pressed like a sponge a wealth of knowledge comes spewing out!  You gotta be in it to win it, all or nothing 

Evan H. – Pod 2, CSR  

When I go all in, I want to make sure I’m putting in extra effort. I always want to cross my T’s and dot my I’s! Double checking my work sometimes over and over again to make sure it’s perfect! I also strongly believe in including my peers, asking for advice, feedback and ideas….great minds together are unstoppable. Then taking those ideas from my peers and putting that to use daily which in turns helps us all get better every day!

Amanda K. – Community Team 

Well, I show that I am willing to go all in by never starting with “No”, always start with “Yes”. There is very little in life that is impossible, it just comes down to a matter of deciding if the effort or cost is worth the benefit and much of the time, it is.

Jim Y. – Systems Team 

Sam is a neat guy.  Sam gets sh*t done. Be like Sam. 

I know I try.

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