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Don’t Get Dumped!

January 11, 2023 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

Difficult to get a hold of. Unwilling to compromise. Half-truths, broken promises, and a general sense of dismissal. Causing feelings of unimportance and insignificance.

No wonder you got dumped. 

Our customers have other options. There are more fish in the sea, and the grass actually might be greener on the other side. Every time their expectations are not met, they are pushed closer to finding another source for whatever product or service you are currently providing them with. 

A few months ago, I called to cancel a line from my cell phone plan. In speaking to the representative, I was informed that my bill would only be lowered by $5.60, as cancelling that line changed the cost of my remaining service. There was no reason to keep the line, so I went ahead with the cancellation. I inquired as to if there was anything else that could be done to lower my monthly cost. She made some adjustments, bringing my recurring charges down another ten dollars. I received my next bill and it was correct. I happily paid for it and kept on texting, scrolling, and wasting time playing meaningless games.

The following month I opened my email to find that my bill was now only fifty-eight cents cheaper than what I was paying with the additional line and better data plan. As expected, I was confused. I made a phone call and waited on hold for thirty-seven minutes to be told that my promotion has expired due to canceling the fourth line. I was never informed of any promotion previously. I then asked if I revert my plan back and add the line again will my bill be the same. 

“NO. That is no longer an available package.”  

I was done. I let the rep know that I would be looking for an alternative provider. She thanked me and allowed me to end the call without any begging, pleading or bribing me to stay. 

I dumped them. 

I dread going to the cell phone store almost as much as a visit to the dentist, but I was out of the door bright and early the next day to make the switch. It went as seamless as I hoped and I was now officially out of the loveless relationship with my old provider. What a sense of freedom!   

I was happy. I had closure. And then, three days later, I am bombarded with emails intended to entice me back. “Here’s a free phone!” “Come back, and we’ll give you $500!” 

Where was the dedication during our time together? Why did you not fight for me to stay, instead of pining for my attention later? If I didn’t matter to you then, why should you matter to me now? It’s over. There is no going back. 

How to NOT get dumped by your customers

  • Be honest: Broken promises, outright lies, and omissions of truth are a sure fire way to have you changing your status back to single. Once you lose the trust of your customer they will have one foot out the door and won’t stop to hear your explanation. 
  • Be invested: Long hold times, delayed responses, and ghosting the customer show that they don’t matter to your company. The most important customer you have is the one that is in front (or on the phone) with you right now. Be present, be a partner. One sided relationships don’t work. 
  • Show the love: Not after we break up. Not when things start to turn sour. Show the love every chance you have. Make promotions available to current customers, not just as a way to lure new ones in. Let your customers know that they are appreciated. A buyer that is secure in the relationship will stick with you through good times and bad. A lonely one will have you outside with a boombox blaring sappy love songs. 
  • Communicate: Silence is deadly. It will undo every aspect of the relationship that you have worked hard to build. Do not allow a client the opportunity to question your intentions. Be clear, be concise, but always be available to talk (during regular business hours, of course).

The business relationship is a two way street. While business owners and management goals involve profits and sales numbers we must keep in mind the feelings and needs of our consumers. 

Lonely customers won’t be lonely for long.

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