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Be The Bear

February 28, 2023 By The Siren Of Support Leave a comment

Welcome to the 600th edition of Reman U. While the management, writing, editing, and publishing responsibilities have changed hands over the years, the weekly distribution has remained consistent. The voices of the authors may differ, but the messaging is steady. We speak of greatness. Give advice on how to be amazing leaders. Provide tips and tricks on what it takes to give the best damn experience, not just in the automotive industry, but in any service based business. We tell you our stories, not to complain of subpar encounters, and not to brag about the incredible way we approach business. We tell our stories in hopes that they impact one’s daily work ethic, allow for a new way of tackling an issue, and sometimes to provide a bit of humor to the reader’s day. 

600 seems significant. It may be just a number to some, however, it is more than that. It is a depiction of commitment. Of sometimes digging deeper and pushing harder than ever before. Of working together to get the job done. Of staying up until midnight just to ensure that our promise is being kept. Collectively, over the years the team of writers have typed thousands of words, discussed numerous topics and provided our readers weekly words of wisdom. For that, I am proud of where this began and where it can go. 

I can admit that I have commitment issues. Craft projects, home improvements, heck even relationships get started and then fall to the wayside. I lose interest or the momentum to finish. I get distracted and find something more exciting or shiny. I have an entire room dedicated to unfinished creations, walls that have been sanded and never painted, and a floor that still needs that final coat of varnish after two years. No one but me cares about the dull wall, or the scuffed floor. I can shut the door and ignore the piles of fabric, tubes of acrylic paint and tiny plastic model home pieces. I answer to no one. And therein lies the problem.

But this, Reman U, has been my responsibility for well over a year. Every week something goes out. I am held accountable by the company and by you to adhere to my commitment. Accountability spawns responsibility which in turn forges a promise.

Without accountability there is no responsibility. Without responsibility there is no promise to commit. 

Commitment in our daily lives, both personal and professional, is the fuel for achievement. Committing to doing something, anything, is just the starting line. When you hire a new person, there is a declaration that they will do the job as assigned, in the time frame allotted, and to the expectation set forth. As a leader you outline the requirements and the duties of the job. Crystal clear, right? On paper it maybe. In the beginning every task is done as expected. However, as time goes by, shortcuts are found. Important steps missed due to complacency or laziness. If these actions are not addressed and allowed to continue they will become the new status quo. 

Insert the “Accountability Panda”. He’s a made up character that originated in my daydreams. This adorable little bear wanders around your office, or shop floor ensuring that processes are being upheld and that standards are being met. He gets a little grizzly when he spots a rebel. Correction is made on the spot, or as soon as possible and a re-commitment to the cause is executed. 

Without accountability there is no responsibility. There is no promise to commit. Without commitment, chaos has the ability to set in.

Invoke accountability. Be the bear.

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